Yet another Pop N Music play…Tell me whatchu think…//

I got random…//

Camera Work by: Silenttype01
Genre: Cyber Opus
Song: Zenius -I- vanisher
Artist: Tatsh
BPM: 160
Play Style: Single
Difficulty: Normal (5)
Mods: n/a
Effects: Effect 4
Grade: B
Score: 153382
The Bird Bowl arcade in Bird Road brought in a IIDX Distorted cabinet. It was upgraded to Empress and my gosh, does it look pretty. At the recording of this video, the right side’s buttons are sticky so we’re hoping the owner will fix that asap.//

The owner is not sure how long he’ll have the machine in that arcade, so if you live near the area and have some cash to spend, give the machine a try as it’s definitely worth having around in the area.//

Also, if you plan on playing with the Effect4, I strongly suggest you bring some earplugs. The machine is freakishly loud when put on that equalizer.//

Tiny Cart by TOON

My first Micro Game from WarioWare D.I.Y.! I designed this for the good people @ Tiny Cartridge. Heres how to play:

Tiny is trapped within a small area with Flashcarts. Your job is to find Tiny and Tap him to win! Simple huh? However, if you tap any of the other Flashcarts…Game Over! The Game can get a little difficult for the fact that Tiny hides under the other carts…That’s where the challenge lies! Bwahahahaha!//

*Ahem* Anyhoo…This is not over though, I will be making sequel to this game with more Flashcarts and better music!//

Friends Code: 4297-5754-6247

Lord Toon Stole my Gal! This me playing one of the best game at my local Arcade! Pop’N Music 13 Carnival Bitches!//